Portrait of Penrose Halson
I enjoyed my party in good company. Also read the book with great amusement. What a page turner.
Rosie Levens after her 90th birthday party

I absolutely loved it. It’s been a while since I read a book where I really empathized with the characters (way better than the books I am studying for my English A level!)
Georgie Dick, 17

Your fabulous book is a brilliant read, I enjoyed every page. Bitter-sweet, funny, fairly shocking at times! A fascinating insight into people’s ideas on marriage and romance or more often lack of romance!
Hayley Martyn-Fisher

I have just finished reading Marriages Are Made in Bond Street. I genuinely loved it from start to finish. Congratulations on creating such a brilliant book – it’s charming, funny, poignant, and everything which makes for a great read. I have already recommended it to friends and wish you every success with it. It must have already crossed your mind that surely the book would make the most terrific film – either a feature-length TV movie or a feature film. So many wonderful cameo roles for actors and actresses popping in and out as the different clients. It would surely be a winner!
Martin Milnes

Just a short note to say how very much I enjoyed Marriages Are Made in Bond Street. I have just finished it – with regret. You really did involve the reader in all the ambitions, hopes and fears of the applicants, and the dedicated and caring approach of those they consulted at the Bureau.
Pamela Marsh

The romantic in all of us will ensure a resounding success for Marriages Are Made in Bond Street!
Shaun Corry

Have just finished Penrose’s book. Hugely enjoyed it. Enormous congratulations.
Christabel Flight

The book’s a page turner. Limiting myself to one chapter a day to make it last.
Doreen Skola

I have been reading the odd bits and ;pieces of the Marriage Bureau. Splendid. I may add to my Christmas list to send to a couple of fiends, I mean friends.
Peter Cave

I LOVED the book. I hope it’s one of those word-of-mouth books that everyone gives everyone else for birthdays and Christmas.
Ysenda Maxtone Graham

Many congratulations. I picked up a copy a few days ago and am enjoying it immensely. Your style is excellent.
John Slater

I am looking forward to finishing it when I get it back from my wife. I am looking forward to the next edition 1949-59
James Cox

Thank you for a delightful experience! I absolutely loved your book as did my book club. It is now the top of the list of my favourite books. I will be reading it again as soon as I can get it back from my book club!
Helen Gordon

I ordered a copy via Amazon which duly arrived yesterday. Nancy bagged it first and is already giggling. I am sure I shall also enjoy it when given the chance!
Terry Winter

I have been very much enjoying the second half of your book, which has knocked Hilary Mantel off my nightly read. I do find yours a fascinating read and v. well written.
Miles Gibson

I finished reading Marriages Are Made in Bond Street yesterday and I have to say that I loved it. A brilliant read. I’ve posted a blog about it on my site . . . it had a bit of PG Wodehouse about it! He’s one of my favourite authors.
Mary Balfour

I finished the book today and feel a bit bereft as I enjoyed it very much.
Beverly Davies

I am just about to begin chapter 5 – captivating reading.
Richard Reddaway

I am absolutely loving it! Will make riveting TV watching I would think. I particularly like the way each chapter is a complete story in itself. I received my copy at 1.00 pm on Saturday, and in spite of limited time and visitors I’m up to chapter 12 already (Tuesday). No negatives at all so far, I really think you have made a terrific job of it. Your powers of description are excellent. My mind builds up lovely little pictures of your characters.
Elisabeth Pestell

I have just today finished reading Marriages Are Made in Bond Street. What fun, I did enjoy it.
Christopher Hurrion

I have been enjoying the book so much and now Gay is reading it. The tone and the approach are just right.
Muriel Passey

I have just finished reading your wonderful book. I found it difficult to put down! Your prose and style of writing was a joy to read, thank you so much.
Michael Donaldson

I couldn’t wait to get in bed and start reading your book. It’s such fun, so warm, so delightful to read.
Beverley Segal

It looks beautiful and it is so well written – “rings so many bells” for me of the 40s/50s. I’m finding it compulsive reading.
Pat Lloyd

I started reading “Marriages” on the train home and continued until midnight when I got home. It is riveting and I am enjoying it all. What a talent!
Helen Varah

It’s very touching in many ways, terrifying (re Sheikh!) in others, and wonderfully constructive. I couldn’t put it down! Now, I want to know all about Heather’s life – I admire her a lot! You’ve achieved a remarkable portrait of events. Do write another!
Ivry Freyberg

I have read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it, congratulations. What a tale, and what remarkable women.
Anthony Dundas

Your splendid book came yesterday and I am loving it! Have been somewhat unwell recently and to have a book beautifuly printed as well as splendidly written, with a true story to tell, is excellent medicine
Val Pinnington

I have now read a few chapters of the book and it does give a fascinating insight into the mores of society at a certain time in history.
Nicholas Edwards

I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed your new book Marriages Are Made in Bond Street.   What an extraordinary insight into both the period which has undoubtedly changed and human nature and life, which have not.
Louise Ross

Penrose, you are a gifted and delightful writer. I was captivated by your characters (the heartwarming and the scoundrels), their stories, all set in London at a time of great crisis and promise. You made me laugh out loud and ponder the bygone days of marriage arrangements. This book has BBC written all over it. I would recommend putting it in the hands of the producers for “Call the Midwife” immediately. I can easily imagine two or three seasons.
Greg Kleven

I liked the story telling and the many little nudges to memory that it gave. To me it was a record of social habits and values nearly forgotten. I was a 15 year old sailor in 1943, had just joined the navy, left school early to do so.
Chris Bacon